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    Enable DHCP on MikroTik Winbox


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    default Enable DHCP on MikroTik Winbox

    Post  Nio-funder on Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:09 pm

    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) assigns Dynamic IP addresses to network devices. A dynamic address enables a device to have a different IP address each time it connects to a network; in some networking systems, the IP address can even change while connected to the network. Dynamic addresses keep records of IP addresses, which simplifies the process for the network administrator; administrators can add a new network without manually assigning each new network a new IP. Internet Service Providers (ISP) typically uses DHCP. You can enable DHCP on MikroTik Winbox.
    1.Download and install Winbox if you haven't already (see "Resources" below).

    2.Log into your MikroTik router and then click "IP," "DHCP-Server" and "Setup."

    3.Select your Local Area Network (LAN) and then click "Next."

    4.Click "IP," "DNS" and then "Setup" to add your Primary DNS and Secondary DNS Server IP; your ISP should have provided this for you. Make sure that you select the "Allow Remote Requests" option; this ensures that your Router's IP shows up as a DNS server to your DHCP clients. Click "OK" to apply this setting.

    5.Click "IP" and then "Firewall" to configure the NATing for your LAN. Go to the NAT table and then click the "+" sign, which allows you to add new settings to your firewall. Select "chain+srcnat," "Src. Address=" (the IP of your LAN) and then "Out.Interface=ether2."

    6.Click the "Action" tab, click "Action=Masquerade" and then click "OK" to apply.

    7.Click "Queues," "Queues Type" and "+" to add custom queue types. This option also sets your bandwidth restriction, which is 10 KBPS. Enter a name for your queue in the "Name" field and then select "kind=pcq."

    8.Click the "Settings" tab from the same window, enter 10000 (10 KBPS) and then select "Dst. Address."

    9.Repeat Step 7 but enter a different name for your queue. In the "Settings" tab, type "Src.Address" instead of "Dst.Address" and then click "OK."

    10.Click the "Simples Queues" tab from the "Queues" window. Enter a name for your simple queue and then add the simple queue by clicking the "+" sign. Add the Target Address ""

    11.Click the "Advanced" tab from the same window, select the queue that you created before and then add the same queue for the target download. Click "OK" to enable DHCP MikroTik Winbox.


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